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Thoughts As The New Year Gets Underway

As the new year gets into full swing, undoubtedly the memories of the holidays are growing distant with each passing day. Perhaps the excitement of the new year and the promise it held is starting to wane.

Maybe you’re already struggling with your weight loss goals or feel like giving up because you haven’t seen visible results yet. To you, I say don’t quit. Losing weight, becoming healthier is a process. It won’t happen over night. Believe me it will happen. Just trust the process.

What’s the process? For me, it was focusing more on nutrition. Don’t get me wrong I exercise and that’s part of it. However, you can’t out train a bad diet. I’ve said it countless times. Losing weight is 80% nutrition. Most people focus on the 20%. I began focusing more on the 80% and that has led to sustained weight loss.

If you’re having trouble with the 80%, below are three adjustments that helped me the most with my nutrition. I didn’t do them all at once. Gradually over time, I incorporated them. By doing that, over time positive habits were created which led to results.

1. Water Water Water
Water is amazing! Make it a habit to drink 8 cups of water daily. If you can’t drink 8
cups at first, start with whatever you can and increase it over time. Dehydration and
hunger feel similar. If you feel hungry, drink a glass of water. If you’re still hungry
after that, then eat.

2. Spices
Learn to use spices and herbs to season food instead of salt. Sodium doesn’t help with
weight loss. The spices (Paprika, garlic powder, basil, thyme, etc) are full of flavor and
low in calories.

3. Proper Portion Size
Learn proper portion size. The quicker the better. We unknowingly consume more calories
than we think simply because of portion size.

Those are probably the most effective changes I made. Try them out. I’d love to hear how they worked for you. Also, share with me some your weight loss tips.I’d love to hear those too!

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It’s Holiday Season!

Where has the year gone?! Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving and officially begin the Christmas Holiday Season. With that being said, many people will “fall off of the wagon.” I’ve been there. It’s not a big deal. The trick is to not beat yourself up over it. The guilt of the meals did far more damage than the calories from the holiday food did.

I had to go back and reread my short memory post. Click on the link to below to read it.

Remember you to have a short memory!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Preparation Flashback

One of my earlier posts dealt with preparation. I wrote it not knowing I’d have to go back and revisit it so soon. The last few weeks of my life have been filled with change. If starting a new job wasn’t enough, I started a new job in a new city!

I’m definitely not complaining and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity. Not only am I grateful for the new job opportunity, I’m grateful for the opportunity to get better at time management.

Regardless of the changes in my life, I still have the same 24 hours to get things done. I have a no excuse mentality and the key to success and continued success is time management.

I reminded myself that victory loves preparation. Click here to read more about it.

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Monday Morning Mindset

The alarm clock on my phone went off at 4:30 this morning. Rain was falling, thunder rolling, and lightening was flashing across the sky. It was the perfect combination for staying in bed. For a minute, I contemplated going back to sleep. After all, I’ve earned it. I’ll go this afternoon. Summer has started and no one is waking up early in my house. All these thoughts (excuses) ran through my head. I got up after a minute or two and began my morning pre-gym routine.

What’s the point in saying all that? Well, the point is to be successful in anything not just weight loss you have to be consistent and persistent. You have to create the habits for success. In this case, for me, it’s going to the gym in the mornings. Here’s the thing. It’s not about going when I feel like it. Or when the weather is great (Sidenote – if you’re alive, no matter if it’s raining, snowing, sunny, hail, etc… it’s great weather. Just my opinion) It’s about showing up day in and day out. Making decisions that get you closer to your goal. Whatever that may be.

So decide to do something everyday no matter what to get you closer to your dreams and goals.

I’m glad I went this morning. And the guys I’ve become friends with at the gym were glad to see me as well… As I walked in, I was met with someone saying “I see who’s serious and committed. You didn’t let a little rain stop you.” I nodded,smiled, high-fived, and got to work.


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Progress in Pictures

I put together a few pictures documenting my progress. It was a good reminder of how far I’ve come and where I’m headed.

It’s a kind of a big deal because I gotten to a point where I absolutely detested the camera! Now I’ve taken more pictures in the last 3 months than I have in a very very long time.

I’ll be adding more as I reach more milestones. Just click the picture below.

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The Trusted Few

How do I continue to stay motivated?” “How do I keep going day after day when I change seems small?” I was asked those two questions recently. My answer was I don’t stay motivated really. After a while it gets pretty routine. What keeps me going though is I’ve told just enough people my goals. I’ve given my word to them that I will accomplish this. Without knowing it, I entered into an accountability agreement with them.

It’s not many people. I don’t go around proclaiming to the world my plans. However, my accountability partners are people that I respect and love. To the point that not following through on something I’ve told them would hurt just as much as something being done to me. The key with accountability partners (for me at least) is that in some way I want to earn their respect. That goes a long way. They’re also close enough to me that they can call me out when they see behavior detrimental to my goals and offer words of encourgament that catapult me towards my goals.

Accountability is very necessary in this process. It helps you workout when you don’t want to. It helps make a healthy food choice when you could just as easily make a not so healthy food choice and NOBODY would know any different. I’ve found that being accountable has helped me tremendously. Try it might just help you too.

So to answer the questions… “How do I continue to stay motivated?” “How do I keep going day after day when I change seems small?” Easily.. I hold myself accountable. More importantly I allow others to hold me accountable to my goals.

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If It Can Be Measured, It Can Be Fixed

At some point on this weight loss journey, you’ll hit a wall. (I know I did) Get stuck in a rut. Spin your wheels and remain stuck. It’s normal. Your body is getting acclimated to your new routine. Perhaps it’s time to switch it up. I didn’t quite get it at first. I didn’t know what to do. Then it hit me. Review your food AND exercise journals. There right before my eyes was the information needed to break through the wall. Get ouf of my rut. Accelerate down the road heading to healthy-ville.

Although it takes time, writing down your daily food choices,the quanity, the time you ate, how you feel when you ate, etc.. definitely helps in the long run. You create a blueprint for your success. More importantly, you identify areas for improvement. If I was expecting to lose 6 lbs the previous week and only lost 1, I found it easier to deal with knowing I could review the previous week.

If you can measure it, you can fix it. There were times when I knew I’d see a big result only to get a minimal loss. Instead of letting it get to me, I simply reviewed my food/exericse logs. There I saw that maybe I did the same workout for the past month. Same weights, same reps, same set…. (Isn’t that the definiton of insantiy? Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results) So I tweaked my workouts and food. I increased weights by 10 – 20 lbs on my exercises. Or increased the resistance on the elliptical machine. Perhaps I decreased the time between meals or modified the amount of proteins I ate. It’s all about try, fail, adjust.

If you’re on this journey and not documenting the measurables, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Take the time to write down that information. It can make all the difference in the world!!


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