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Portion Control – Sweet Sorrow

What you see above is food I enjoy. (Even now)  However, I knew from the start I’d have to make better food choices.    I didn’t like the word diet because in my mind it was temporary.  So I started focusing on the type of food I ate and portion sizes. I kept a food journal of  what I ate,how much I ate, & how many calories it was.  I discovered that I was eating way more than a portion/serving of my food choices.  Even at restaurants, I found that most entrees were way more than 1 serving.

Prior to my lifestyle change, I’d enjoy a #1 from Chic-Fil-A  with a lemonade for lunch or Zaxbys or Firehouse Subs during the week. CALORIES!! CALORIES!! CALORIES!!! I didn’t completely rid myself of those foods.  However, I began incorporating better food choices at every meal.

So I started integrating portion control into my new healthier lifestyle. Initially, I was obsessive with portion control. I began weighing food, measuring side portions.  Instead of completely getting rid of the not so healthy foods, I started seeing how many healthy decisions I could string together. It took a little while for me to get used to actual measured servings but eventually I did.

I’m not a nutritionist nor do I play one on tv but I did figure out one thing.  The more I was able to string together good decisions food wise, the better the results experienced.

Now my weekly lunch choices consist of foods like 5 – 8 oz of grilled chicken breast, a cup of steamed broccoli, 4 oz baked potato.  And yes every now & then, Chic-Fil-A.  What I’ve found is moderation is key.  A little cheat meal is okay every once and a while.

 Tips I Used to Control Portion Sizes

  • Use smaller plates (salad or luncheon plates)
  • Don’t go back for seconds
  • Eating out – ask for a to go box so you can box up your half of your entree prior to eating
  • Order a healthier appetizer and salad (with dressing on the side) instead of an entree
  • Drink a glass of water or eat an apple before my meal

Those are just a few of the things I’ve used to help me control my portions and ensure I don’t eat unnecessary calories. You don’t have to use those tips but find what works for you.  That’s the most important thing.


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The Unasked Question

I was recently asked the question “How do you start this process?” I responded quickly with a couple
of how to steps. In my case, I started exercising & began changing my eating habits based on results I
received from a d.n.a weight loss test I took. However, I pondered that question in more detail later. “How
did I get started?” The more I think about it. The more I realize the better question is “Why” not “How” do
I start the process” The why is far more important than how. So with that in mind, I think I’ll revisit the
question from a standpoint of why did I get started.

There comes a point in most people’s lives where you say enough is enough. That’s where I was. I was
frustrated beyond measure. There were little events that accumulated over time that just led me to the
point of “enough is enough”. Events such as walking around the mall & having my back hurt. Events like
constant aching of my knees. Events like going to restaurants & praying like crazy the hostess would
give us a table & not a booth. I wish I could say there was some big epiphany or “a-ha moment” but that
wasn’t the case. I just quietly said “Antuan, enough is enough. You’re better than this.”

From that moment on, I just resolved to get a little better every day. I sat down & came up with a goal.
After coming up with ridiculous goals like losing 1000 lbs in 2 months & running a marathon in 6 months
after I lost 1000 lbs, I asked myself two very important questions. “What do you want & why?” I wanted
to be healthier. I wanted a better quality of life. Why? So I could grow old with my wife. Why? So I could
take my family to Disney World &have my only excuse for not riding the rollercoasters be ‘the lines are
too long’. Not I don’t want to be embarrassed because I can’t fit in the seats. ( It has absolutely nothing
to do with me being a tad bit uncomfortable with the idea of going 100 miles an hour spinning in the air,
hitting curves, and going upside down) Why? So I could run around in the back yard with a very active
9 year old. Why? So I’d regain all the confidence I once had. So I would actually like the way I looked in

I had to have a number to focus on at first. So I set the number at 250 lbs. Before the number
overwhelmed me, I broke it down into monthly goals. Before the monthly goals overwhelmed me, I broke
that into weekly goals. Before the weekly goals overwhelmed me – you get the idea. I broke it down into
manageable daily things I could do. I didn’t fully buy into losing 100 +lbs initially, but I did believe and buy
into me doing a little bit every day.

It sounds simple enough & it really is that simple. However, what I learned is simple doesn’t equal easy.
The steps to lose weight are quite simple. There are only a few things to be done. The issue for me
wasn’t so much physical as it was mental. Once I realized that, I learned the lesson that simple and easy
are two different things.

So I said all that to answer the question. “How do you get started?” Well…. In my opinion, the answer
is, get started by finding out why you want to get started. When you find a “why” that’s important
enough to you, you’ll start…..

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Welcome to the Brand New Antuan….

I guess this has been a long time coming.  I wrestled with the thought of starting a blog for a couple of reasons.  One being, the transparency of it all.  It takes some courage to put your life out there for people to see on any level.  The second one being I didn’t think I really had a lot to say on losing weight. I’ve experienced some success at losing weight before.  Lost it and gained it back.  Looking back on it, I believe life had quite a bit to do with it.    I reached the point where the pain of changing was more than the pain of staying the same so I set out again to lose weight.  This time around I focused more on the mental aspect than the physical.  So I was off.  Now 16 weeks,  58 lbs later, 4 pant sizes & 2 shirt sizes later here I am.  Haven’t reached my goal yet but I’m closer.  I feel like I’m about 100 yards out at sea.  I can see the shore but I’ve paddled too far to go back.  So here I am,  sharing my journey.

I heard a while ago you never know who else wins when you succeed.  So to that end, I’m diving into the blog world.  Here’s to helping someone else by opening up my life, my thoughts, & my emotions.

Where I started……                                                                    Where I am now…..



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