Week 1 Results

08 Mar

Okay, today’s the day I get to see the results from my efforts last week. I can honestly say I didn’t think about the scale…….too much as I was working out, eating healthy, and making other good decisions… Week 1 has given me a better understanding, and might I add appreciation, for the word “Accountability”. Charting weight loss in a blog for others to see, can be quite stressful and intimidating, yet therapeutic.

Well, I guess I’ve prolonged this enough. Week 1 weight loss is 11.8 lbs. Although I’m proud of that number, I’m prouder of the fact that I went to the gym 6 out 7 days last week, made food choices, and led a healthier life.

You can follow my progress here


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2 responses to “Week 1 Results

  1. Beryl McClyde

    05/12/2012 at 10:05 PM

    You are awesome! I have read much of this incredible blog and am more inspired to join your efforts of changing my lifestyle. Losing weight is not so diffiicult; keeping it off is the challenge,thus makinga lifestyle change more important. You are honest to a fault and courageous. Thank you for putting yourself on the line. Others will benefit. You look fabulous, too! Your sister, B


    • antuanruss

      05/13/2012 at 9:47 PM

      Hey, Sis! Wonderful to hear from you! So glad the blog is inspiring you. Thank you for reading and following it. Feel free to share it, comment, suggest topics. Just think I almost talked myself out of starting it! Love ya lots, Sis!!



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