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Stay Focused

I get the “How do you stay motivated” question all the time. I think the better question is “How do you stay focused?” Motivation is cool and works for a while. I assure you there will be a point where you’re not motivated. You don’t feel like it. The routine will become boring… It’s at that point where focus needs to replace motivation.

Honestly, I passed the point of motivation a while ago. There came a point where I no longer felt “excited” about all of this. I wasn’t eagerly anticipating the next healthy meal. I wasn’t excited to get up before the sun to go work out. It was at that point where I had to focus.

I focused on what I was accomplishing. I focused on making sure I kept going regardless of how I felt. I focused on how confident I’d feel at my next weigh in. I focused on how I’d feel the day I lost 20 lbs.. 50 lbs.. etc… I just resolved to trust the process. Resolved to do something everyday to get me closer to where I wanted to be.

I got to a point where I just did it. Remember that Nike Ad? That’s what I did. I just did it. I just made the right decisions. I just got back on track when I made bad decisions. I just entrenched myself in the routine of it all and got it done.

I wish I could say everyday I was motivated but I wasn’t. I was focused way more days than I was motivated. If you ask me, I think the ability to stay focused is better than being motivated.

If you lose your motivation, remain focused. I promise that focus will help you rediscover your motivation.

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You Have to See It

I’ll never forget a valuable lesson learned. I was telling a friend about a goal I had. I was so excited to accomplish it. He asked me to describe the day when I’d meet my goal. How would I feel? What was the first thing I was going to do after I reached it? What was I going to wear that day? I hadn’t thought about those questions or the litany of other questions he asked. I remember him saying “If you don’t think about the goal as if it’s already accomplished and plan for it, it’ll be very hard to reach the goal.”

That stuck with me. Early in my weight loss journey, I figured out how I wanted to look when I reached my goal. The emotions I’d feel. The first thing I’d do. I began thinking about it so much that I even started planning the outfit I’d wear that day. That image became so engraved in my mind that when I look in the mirror now I see the finished product. When I’m working out, I don’t see where I am now. I see where I’ll be on that day I reach my goal.

It’s gotten to a point that I have pictures that describe my life once my goal is accomplished. I have pictures on my phone, in my car, etc… I look at them daily (sometimes hourly). I constantly want to see the results.

Having the end result in my mind and experiencing the success along the way solidifies my resolve to meet my goals.

So if you have a goal, think about how you feel when you reach. Envision what you’ll do that day. How that day will unfold? Don’t be afraid to get in the details of it.

Visualizing my success has helped me tremendously…

You have to see it before you see it!

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