Celebrating the Small Victories

02 Mar

When I started down the path of losing weight, my success was completely scale based. Don’t get me wrong. The scale is a good way to measure results. Yet it’s a very fickle and misleading creature. There were weeks I KNEW double digit weight loss would occur; only to end up with minimal losses. Double digit weight loss is the norm right? It happens weekly on The Biggest Loser. Well, except for Week 2.

I learned some valuable lessons from that.
Lesson 1 – Measuring results entirely by the scale can lead to frustration and loss of motivation.
Lesson 2 – Don’t miss the small victories by focusing only on weight loss.
Lesson 3 – Celebrate the small victories.

What do I mean? I didn’t control the number on the scale during weigh-ins. There were variables outside of my control. Being too dialed into the scale, caused me to think my hard work wasn’t paying off. I thought that a few times. By stepping back, I was able to get better perspective. See the bigger picture. I found I experienced all kinds of success! In fact, the success wasn’t weight loss. Success was who I was becoming along the way.

Who I was becoming produced many, many, many small victories! Small victories like not ordering tea or soda when we ate out. Another small victory – not having seconds. Or how about going to the gym every Monday – Friday. Yet another small victory – Not quitting during cardio when I was tired and my lungs were burning. Or having to put a hole in my belt. One of my personal favorites – Having to hold my shorts up going downstairs because they would fall down!

See those are all small victories. Get enough small victories strung together and you’ll see the big victory of weight loss. I began celebrating the small victories like crazy! What I found was, that recognizing the small victories carried me emotionally when the scale didn’t move as quickly as I liked.

So don’t miss out on the small victories because you’re focused on just weight loss. Take time to smell the roses and enjoy the journey.


One response to “Celebrating the Small Victories

  1. Alma Russ

    03/03/2012 at 1:02 AM

    “Celebrating the Small Victories” is right on point. Keep the blog coming my way. I am on this journey with you. Even though I have not reached the tier of success, I am yet in the running. Beginning now, I shall make a concerted effort to always CELEBRATE THE SMALL VICTORIES.



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