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The Guy In the Mirror

I was on the treadmill today. Early in the workout fatigue and thoughts of quitting appeared. I was already sleepy, drained and not wanting to be there. No doubt the rigors of the day had gotten to me. I pushed on for a few more minutes until the idea of quitting cutting the workout short (and cheating myself) seemed inevitable.

Then I glanced up and noticed a mirror in front of the treadmill. Immediately I met the eyes of the guy in the mirror. Amazingly the look in his eyes was the complete opposite of how I felt. I was tired, lacking focus and ready to quit. But the look in his eyes was one of resolve, encouragement, and perseverance. He even had a slight smile on his face!

I recognized him. He was familiar to me. In fact, I saw him when I first started my journey. My lungs were on fire but the guy in the mirror was running on the treadmill and smiling as if to say “Yup… You see it.. You’re running… Don’t you quit!”

Before I knew it 6 minutes had given way to 15. 15 minutes to 25. Thoughts of quitting were replaced with thoughts of how far I’d come. The guy in the mirror had a look of determination and pride in what he was doing. So much so I increased the speed and incline to levels I hadn’t done before. I didn’t know if I could do it but I did know that if I kept looking in the eyes of the guy in the mirror, I’d be able to run at those new levels.

Sure enough I did! I pushed myself for the last 10 minutes. I was out of breath, my lungs felt like they were about to give out. Sweat poured profusely. The only thing I could think was “I did it!” Another milestone. I wiped my face and threw the towel in the hamper.

I looked back in the mirror to see the guy in the mirror smiling and nodding in approval at me saying. I glanced in his eyes once more and said “I’ll see you tomorrow”.

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Tips To Getting Started

I’m often asked “How To Get Started?” The answer is really simple. You just start. One reason for my success is that I’ve kept everything really simple. If you’re not careful, you can plan and plan and plan and plan yet never start. What time should I work out? What should I work? Cardio or Weights? Free weights or machine weights? How long should I work out? All these things are good questions but if over analyzed they can lead to you never starting.

Since I get this question often, I’ve decided to list some things you can do to simply get started. I won’t guarantee you’ll lose 30 lbs in 3 days. Neither will I guarantee you’ll drop 4 clothes sizes in a week. I will tell you that if you incorporate a few of these tips at a time, you’ll start to see small results. Those small results will lead to excitement. And that excitement will lead to momentum. And that momentum will create the desire to see more results.

1) Drink more water – You’d be surprised how that alone will help
jumpstart weight loss.

2) Learn to eat proper portions – Most people eat way more than one
serving of any given food. Thus consuming way more calories than
you need.

3) Increase vegetables – Vegetables help you feel full quicker.

4) Decrease processed foods in your diet – Processed foods are high
in sodium. Excess sodium makes it harder to lose weight.

5) Take the stairs instead of the elevator

6) Pass on the parking spots closest to building entrances. (That’ll
save you dents in your car, too)

7) Limit your sugar intake – You’d be surprised how many calories
we drink.

8) Eat smaller meals more frequently – Increases metabolism.

9) Increase your fiber intake. – Makes you feel full longer.

10) Don’t get too bogged down in the details. Just start

If you notice, only 2 of those tips dealt with physical activity. 90% of weight loss is nutrition. I’m not saying working out isn’t important. What I am saying is that you can’t out train poor nutrition.

So take a couple of these tips and incorporate them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised where you’ll be in a few weeks.


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