The Trusted Few

02 Apr

How do I continue to stay motivated?” “How do I keep going day after day when I change seems small?” I was asked those two questions recently. My answer was I don’t stay motivated really. After a while it gets pretty routine. What keeps me going though is I’ve told just enough people my goals. I’ve given my word to them that I will accomplish this. Without knowing it, I entered into an accountability agreement with them.

It’s not many people. I don’t go around proclaiming to the world my plans. However, my accountability partners are people that I respect and love. To the point that not following through on something I’ve told them would hurt just as much as something being done to me. The key with accountability partners (for me at least) is that in some way I want to earn their respect. That goes a long way. They’re also close enough to me that they can call me out when they see behavior detrimental to my goals and offer words of encourgament that catapult me towards my goals.

Accountability is very necessary in this process. It helps you workout when you don’t want to. It helps make a healthy food choice when you could just as easily make a not so healthy food choice and NOBODY would know any different. I’ve found that being accountable has helped me tremendously. Try it might just help you too.

So to answer the questions… “How do I continue to stay motivated?” “How do I keep going day after day when I change seems small?” Easily.. I hold myself accountable. More importantly I allow others to hold me accountable to my goals.

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