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Preparation Flashback

One of my earlier posts dealt with preparation. I wrote it not knowing I’d have to go back and revisit it so soon. The last few weeks of my life have been filled with change. If starting a new job wasn’t enough, I started a new job in a new city!

I’m definitely not complaining and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity. Not only am I grateful for the new job opportunity, I’m grateful for the opportunity to get better at time management.

Regardless of the changes in my life, I still have the same 24 hours to get things done. I have a no excuse mentality and the key to success and continued success is time management.

I reminded myself that victory loves preparation. Click here to read more about it.

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I Learned to Budget

I’ve been on this mission to become debt free. And I’ve also been on a mission to become healthy and lose weight. Now why would I mention those too seemingly unrelated things. Well, my friend, I’m glad you asked. In becoming more fiscally responsible I learned am learning how to live on a budget. A set amount of money each month spent wisely. In living off of a budget, I’ve had to remove some things that weren’t necessary and were taking away from my budget.

See where I’m going? Well if not, here it is. Like the road to debt freedom, the road to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle both require budgeting. In the case of weight loss the currency is calories and not money.

I began to “budget” my daily calories. I have a set amount of calories I eat daily. My goal each day is to “spend” them wisely. I can spend 400 calories on a honey bun or I can spend the same 400 calories on a grilled chicken breast, baked sweet potato and broccoli. Which is the better deal? One honey bun or a complete meal?

Once that thought process became second nature to me, weight loss became easier. More importantly, maintaining the weight loss has become easier.

One more thing, the calorie budget has helped my debt freedom goal. How? Well, since I spend considerably less money in restaurants and take out, (because I budget my calories wiser) I have more money available to spend on things like…paying off bills.

Who would’ve thought that a fiscal budget and calorie budget would work so well together!


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2nd half

Well, it’s the second half of 2012. For some, the weight loss resolutions made just six short months ago are but a distant memory. To others, they are still a priority but you’re not where you’d thought you’d be. And there are some who have quit temporarily stopped working on them. No matter where you find yourself with your weight loss, know you can’t go back and change anything that happened from January to June. You can’t even change what happened twenty minutes ago.

I’ve been in all three of those categories. The good thing is it’s not too late. We have six more months to accomplish what we said we’d do. So no pity parties about your progress. (or lack thereof) Just get up and make the most of the time you have left in 2012. Do something every day from this point to December 31, 2012 11:59 PM to get you closer to your goals. You don’t want to have to utter three of the saddest words in the English langue – “Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve”.

You’ll be surprised at what you can still accomplish with the months remaining One of the many things I’ve learned on this journey is that I am capable of doing more than I ever imagined. You know what? So are you!

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