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If It Can Be Measured, It Can Be Fixed

At some point on this weight loss journey, you’ll hit a wall. (I know I did) Get stuck in a rut. Spin your wheels and remain stuck. It’s normal. Your body is getting acclimated to your new routine. Perhaps it’s time to switch it up. I didn’t quite get it at first. I didn’t know what to do. Then it hit me. Review your food AND exercise journals. There right before my eyes was the information needed to break through the wall. Get ouf of my rut. Accelerate down the road heading to healthy-ville.

Although it takes time, writing down your daily food choices,the quanity, the time you ate, how you feel when you ate, etc.. definitely helps in the long run. You create a blueprint for your success. More importantly, you identify areas for improvement. If I was expecting to lose 6 lbs the previous week and only lost 1, I found it easier to deal with knowing I could review the previous week.

If you can measure it, you can fix it. There were times when I knew I’d see a big result only to get a minimal loss. Instead of letting it get to me, I simply reviewed my food/exericse logs. There I saw that maybe I did the same workout for the past month. Same weights, same reps, same set…. (Isn’t that the definiton of insantiy? Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results) So I tweaked my workouts and food. I increased weights by 10 – 20 lbs on my exercises. Or increased the resistance on the elliptical machine. Perhaps I decreased the time between meals or modified the amount of proteins I ate. It’s all about try, fail, adjust.

If you’re on this journey and not documenting the measurables, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Take the time to write down that information. It can make all the difference in the world!!


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Week 3 Results

Okay, today’s the day I get to see the results from my efforts last week.

Week 3 was okay. From a decisions stand point, it could’ve been better. I could’ve made better preparations for the weekend. (Shout out to Ty for placing 9th at the state gymnastics meet!) Yet still overall I made more decisions that got me closer to my goal than decisions that took me further away. Below are week 3 results.

Week 3 weight loss is 4.7 lbs.

You can follow my progress here


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You Have to Maintain Focus

This is my first post in a while. The last few days were filled with the winds of change. Well, potential change. Well,change with an unknown timeframe. That’s no excuse by any means. It did lead to another topic.

As with any success, it’s contingent on your ability to remain focused. To be honest, it’s easy to focus when everything is going smoothly. The real test occurs when “life throws you a curve ball.” That’s when you find out if you’re going to be successful. There will be moments where your decision is tested by adverse circumstances. Just to see if you’re really serious about accomplishing your goal. It could be deciding to lose weight and your coworker brings in a dozen hot Krispy Kreme Donuts.

I was at that unevenly paved crossroad again a few days ago. The very real possibility of finding another job or even moving altogether found its way into my life. I would love to say I maintained focus. Blasting right through that mental obstacle. Looking at that mountain in my rearview mirror as it got smaller and smaller. You get the picture. Not so. It got the best of me momentarily. The result – the momentum I gained wasn’t lost but slowed down greatly. The only reason the momentum slowed was because I lost focus on my healthy lifestyle.

What does focusing mean? There are various definitions. For me, it just means to keep my goal in the forefront of my mind. Always asking myself is this getting me closer to or further away from my goal. Deciding beforehand how I’ll respond in various situations. Being prepared. Being mindful of what I’m trying to accomplish. Looking at my goals every chance I get. I’ve found if I do that, amazing results are inevitable.

Remember that “The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” — Bruce Lee


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Week 2 Results

Okay, today’s the day I get to see the results from my efforts last week.

Week 2 has been a challenge. The challenge wasn’t in working out or eating right but dealing with life and still maintaining the priority of a healthy lifestyle. The past week brought news of untimely deaths and pending job loss. I won’t say it was stressful but definitely lots of things to think about. I was proud that I was able to remain focused even with all I have going on. Will definitely have more on that topic soon.

Week 2 weight loss is 3.3 lbs.

You can follow my progress here


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Week 1 Results

Okay, today’s the day I get to see the results from my efforts last week. I can honestly say I didn’t think about the scale…….too much as I was working out, eating healthy, and making other good decisions… Week 1 has given me a better understanding, and might I add appreciation, for the word “Accountability”. Charting weight loss in a blog for others to see, can be quite stressful and intimidating, yet therapeutic.

Well, I guess I’ve prolonged this enough. Week 1 weight loss is 11.8 lbs. Although I’m proud of that number, I’m prouder of the fact that I went to the gym 6 out 7 days last week, made food choices, and led a healthier life.

You can follow my progress here


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Lifestyle Change – Not a Diet

Okay so this past weekend I celebrated six years of marraige. You’re probably thinking what does a wedding anniversary have to do with weight loss. Well, I’m glad you asked. The entire week before my anniversary I was eating and exercising with the weekend in mind. I knew I wasn’t going to eat salad, baked chicken, etc. I enjoy those foods but I also enjoy non-healthier foods. In reflecting on this, I realized or reaffirmed that I’m not dieting but living a heathier lifestyle. There’s a difference between the two.

What’s the difference? For one, a diet is temporary. In my case not only was it temporary, it didn’t deal with the mentality neccessary to sustain weight loss. Thus, I gained weight back after I stopped the diet. Had I been on a diet, this past weekend would have wrecked not only the diet, but also my mindset. There would have been feelings of guilt, shame and quite possibly inadequacy. Just negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are a disease. That’s an entirely different subject.

However, since I’m on a lifestyle change, those meals didn’t bother me at all. Why not? I realized that this weekend was just two meals out of the entire week where I made a lot of healthy decisions. That’s it. I hadn’t “fallen off the wagon.” I hadn’t failed at another diet or weight loss attempt. I simply enjoyed two meals with my wife as we celebrated our marraige. I didn’t feel bad about my choices over those meals because the bigger picture was I’m living a healthier lifestyle.

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Celebrating the Small Victories

When I started down the path of losing weight, my success was completely scale based. Don’t get me wrong. The scale is a good way to measure results. Yet it’s a very fickle and misleading creature. There were weeks I KNEW double digit weight loss would occur; only to end up with minimal losses. Double digit weight loss is the norm right? It happens weekly on The Biggest Loser. Well, except for Week 2.

I learned some valuable lessons from that.
Lesson 1 – Measuring results entirely by the scale can lead to frustration and loss of motivation.
Lesson 2 – Don’t miss the small victories by focusing only on weight loss.
Lesson 3 – Celebrate the small victories.

What do I mean? I didn’t control the number on the scale during weigh-ins. There were variables outside of my control. Being too dialed into the scale, caused me to think my hard work wasn’t paying off. I thought that a few times. By stepping back, I was able to get better perspective. See the bigger picture. I found I experienced all kinds of success! In fact, the success wasn’t weight loss. Success was who I was becoming along the way.

Who I was becoming produced many, many, many small victories! Small victories like not ordering tea or soda when we ate out. Another small victory – not having seconds. Or how about going to the gym every Monday – Friday. Yet another small victory – Not quitting during cardio when I was tired and my lungs were burning. Or having to put a hole in my belt. One of my personal favorites – Having to hold my shorts up going downstairs because they would fall down!

See those are all small victories. Get enough small victories strung together and you’ll see the big victory of weight loss. I began celebrating the small victories like crazy! What I found was, that recognizing the small victories carried me emotionally when the scale didn’t move as quickly as I liked.

So don’t miss out on the small victories because you’re focused on just weight loss. Take time to smell the roses and enjoy the journey.

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