Stay Focused

12 Sep

I get the “How do you stay motivated” question all the time. I think the better question is “How do you stay focused?” Motivation is cool and works for a while. I assure you there will be a point where you’re not motivated. You don’t feel like it. The routine will become boring… It’s at that point where focus needs to replace motivation.

Honestly, I passed the point of motivation a while ago. There came a point where I no longer felt “excited” about all of this. I wasn’t eagerly anticipating the next healthy meal. I wasn’t excited to get up before the sun to go work out. It was at that point where I had to focus.

I focused on what I was accomplishing. I focused on making sure I kept going regardless of how I felt. I focused on how confident I’d feel at my next weigh in. I focused on how I’d feel the day I lost 20 lbs.. 50 lbs.. etc… I just resolved to trust the process. Resolved to do something everyday to get me closer to where I wanted to be.

I got to a point where I just did it. Remember that Nike Ad? That’s what I did. I just did it. I just made the right decisions. I just got back on track when I made bad decisions. I just entrenched myself in the routine of it all and got it done.

I wish I could say everyday I was motivated but I wasn’t. I was focused way more days than I was motivated. If you ask me, I think the ability to stay focused is better than being motivated.

If you lose your motivation, remain focused. I promise that focus will help you rediscover your motivation.

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