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July Update

Okay, We’re in July! The 2nd half of 2013 is upon us! June was an okay month. Definitely not my best month. I completed another 5k and decreased my time. I admit I coasted quite a bit in June. But I’ve refocused and set goals. I have two weddings in October to attend. (I’m in one.) So that provided a goal for me to work towards.

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June Update

Okay, May has come and gone. I accomplished a good bit in May. I completed my first 5k. Increased the intensity of my workouts. Learned a lot about myself. Can’t wait to see what the 2nd half of the year brings. Can you believe it’s already June? I think I’m starting to see progress.

I didn’t quite get the same pose for this month but next month’s pose will be the same as the previous two.

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Slow Down To Speed Up

I recently had the misfortune opportunity to really see how much my lifestyle has changed. I had to listen to my body tell me I needed rest from 5k training. For an entire week, I did nothing but rest. (That drove me absolutely crazy!) No running, No weight training. Nothing…..

A few short months ago, that would have certainly spelled doom and destruction to my weight loss plan. This time, however, was different. Instead of mentally checking out for a week concerning all things weight-loss related, I found myself poring old food and exercise logs. I paid closer attention to what I was eating. After all weight-loss is 80% mental and 20% physical. How many times have I said that? Oddly enough, I was even more engaged in the process.

Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up. That’s exactly what I was reminded up during my rest period. I was refreshed, rested, and amazingly I was more productive when I returned to working out.

If you’re not experiencing the results you think you should. Instead of simply trying harder, and continuing to do the same thing and expecting the same results (Isn’t that the definition of insanity?), slow down. Review your logs, identify areas on which you can improve and go from there.

Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up.

Hmmmmm… Seems like I mentioned something about that here and here


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May’s Update

Okay, April has come and gone. Here’s the second set of pictures for the Monthly updates in pictures. I think this was a good idea.

Why? Well, for one I absolutely abhor taking these pictures. Why is that good? That means I’m uncomfortable and outside of my comfort zone.

Another reason it’s good is because it pushes me to work harder and be more accountable because I know I have to take another picture in four weeks.

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Tips To Getting Started

I’m often asked “How To Get Started?” The answer is really simple. You just start. One reason for my success is that I’ve kept everything really simple. If you’re not careful, you can plan and plan and plan and plan yet never start. What time should I work out? What should I work? Cardio or Weights? Free weights or machine weights? How long should I work out? All these things are good questions but if over analyzed they can lead to you never starting.

Since I get this question often, I’ve decided to list some things you can do to simply get started. I won’t guarantee you’ll lose 30 lbs in 3 days. Neither will I guarantee you’ll drop 4 clothes sizes in a week. I will tell you that if you incorporate a few of these tips at a time, you’ll start to see small results. Those small results will lead to excitement. And that excitement will lead to momentum. And that momentum will create the desire to see more results.

1) Drink more water – You’d be surprised how that alone will help
jumpstart weight loss.

2) Learn to eat proper portions – Most people eat way more than one
serving of any given food. Thus consuming way more calories than
you need.

3) Increase vegetables – Vegetables help you feel full quicker.

4) Decrease processed foods in your diet – Processed foods are high
in sodium. Excess sodium makes it harder to lose weight.

5) Take the stairs instead of the elevator

6) Pass on the parking spots closest to building entrances. (That’ll
save you dents in your car, too)

7) Limit your sugar intake – You’d be surprised how many calories
we drink.

8) Eat smaller meals more frequently – Increases metabolism.

9) Increase your fiber intake. – Makes you feel full longer.

10) Don’t get too bogged down in the details. Just start

If you notice, only 2 of those tips dealt with physical activity. 90% of weight loss is nutrition. I’m not saying working out isn’t important. What I am saying is that you can’t out train poor nutrition.

So take a couple of these tips and incorporate them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised where you’ll be in a few weeks.


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I Learned to Budget

I’ve been on this mission to become debt free. And I’ve also been on a mission to become healthy and lose weight. Now why would I mention those too seemingly unrelated things. Well, my friend, I’m glad you asked. In becoming more fiscally responsible I learned am learning how to live on a budget. A set amount of money each month spent wisely. In living off of a budget, I’ve had to remove some things that weren’t necessary and were taking away from my budget.

See where I’m going? Well if not, here it is. Like the road to debt freedom, the road to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle both require budgeting. In the case of weight loss the currency is calories and not money.

I began to “budget” my daily calories. I have a set amount of calories I eat daily. My goal each day is to “spend” them wisely. I can spend 400 calories on a honey bun or I can spend the same 400 calories on a grilled chicken breast, baked sweet potato and broccoli. Which is the better deal? One honey bun or a complete meal?

Once that thought process became second nature to me, weight loss became easier. More importantly, maintaining the weight loss has become easier.

One more thing, the calorie budget has helped my debt freedom goal. How? Well, since I spend considerably less money in restaurants and take out, (because I budget my calories wiser) I have more money available to spend on things like…paying off bills.

Who would’ve thought that a fiscal budget and calorie budget would work so well together!


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Victory Loves Preparation

I had a break in my work week yesterday and normally that is cause for concern. I have to be extra careful food choice wise. There’s something about the work week routine that helps me make great food decisions. Anyway, I was reminded how important planning & preparation is.

Here I was completely out of my normal routine. In the past, that would have made making wrong decisions easier. (Well making a wrong decision is just as easy as making a good one. But that’s a different blog) But not this time. I prepared ahead of time. I plan my meals ahead of time for the work week. So instead of having to exhaust mental energy on what to eat yesterday – Good choice?…bad choice? -, I simply ate what I prepared earlier. That removed any excuses, any temptations to make a bad decision.

What did I learn from all that? What thought was I reminded of? Victory loves preparation. My brother says that all the time. It’s so true. Victory, success (in weight loss or anything else) doesn’t just happen. You have to prepare for it. You have to plan for it. If not, surprises (like yesterday’s departure from my normal routine) can set you back.

Preparation isn’t just planning and cooking meals in advance. Preparation is packing your gym clothes and putting them in your car night before. Preparation is looking at the menu and deciding the best choice prior to getting to that restaurant. It may appear small and trivial but preparation goes a long way to ensure success.

Remember the will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win. (Not my quote but I absolutely love it)


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