I Don’t Like New Year Resolutions

03 Jan

I like this time of year. Excitement abounds at the possibilities of the new year and what it holds. Futures seem brighter. Impossible things seem possible. It really is a magical time in my opinion. However, in copying the words of Charles Dickens – “It’s the best of times and it’s the worst of times.”

Why do I say that? Well, the best of times because of the possibility of the new year. The idea that this year can (and should) better than the last. The feeling that brighter days are within reach. The idea that this year can transform your life!

The worst of times because of New Years Resolutions. Often times we make far-fetched resolutions. They’re done with good intentions. At least mine were. They were hard unrealistic to keep. Mine usually came from a place of guilt. Guilt because over indulgence from Thanksgiving through Christmas. (I’m only speaking of resolutions regarding weight loss.) Guilt combined with unrealistic resolutions,placed me directly behind the eight ball from the very beginning of the year. That’s why I don’t like New Year Resolutions.

They didn’t work for me. Honestly, my resolutions had a very short shelf life. By the end of February, they were all but forgotten.

The past two new years I haven’t made one resolution. I haven’t vowed to do anything. What I have done is set a vision of where I want to be 12 months later. Once I had the vision, I created a process that put me on the path to my vision. Along the way, I set goals to keep me focused.

This approach is by far more impactful for me. I was freed from the guilt of “messing up” on my resolutions. I was able to understand that the process was 12 months not one or two bad high calorie meals or two or three missed workouts. Most importantly I had the feeling of “everything would be okay.”

If you find yourself struggling with your weight loss resolutions early in the year, try my approach. I can’t guarantee it will work for you. I can guarantee that if you work for it and remember it’s a process, you’ll accomplish your goals!

Happy 2013!!

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