14 Jun

I once heard that habits start as spider webs and end as iron chains. I had to agree. You don’t even realize you’re creating habits until they’re pretty well set. That can be good or bad depending on the habit. When I began,I definitely had bad habits. What’s crazy is I didn’t realize I had them.

Once I started the process of changing those habits, the “iron chains” part of the quote became very real to me. The first few weeks were harder simply because I was breaking bad habits and creating new ones. In the beginning, not consistently going to the gym, ordering tea at a restaurant, regularly eating out were all habits that I was fighting to break. Honestly, it was very tough. I lost those small battles more times than I won at first.

However, I kept with it and over time I replaced the bad habits with good ones. Now, very rarely do I miss a morning workout regardless of how I feel. The few times I dine out I now order water without hesitation.

Changing habits is quite simple. But like I’ve said before simple doesn’t equate to easy. Yes, it’s hard at times. No, it doesn’t happen over night. But believe me if you consistently work on creating good habits, eventually those good habits will become as iron chains.

If I can do it… you can do it….

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